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Post by Smell the Glove on Thu Oct 20, 2011 5:12 am

No Advertising - This forum is not for advertising. Advertisements on this website will be deleted and may result in a ban.

No Discrimination - No form of discrimination is acceptable. Discrimination regardless of how serious may result of a ban. This includes sexism, racism, sectarianism etc.

NSFW Tags... These should be used when posting something which may offend, is rude and/or might be found as unsuitable for a football forum. This forum is for people of all ages which means we must make it suitable for people of all ages.

No Arguing with Staff - Flaming or trolling staff is massively condemned. Staff are monitoring this website out of their good will and do not receive any thing in return so purposely going out of your way to annoy staff may warrant a punishment. If you have any problems with staff decisions PM a staff member, do not start threads expressing your disapproval of a staff decision.

No Flaming or Trolling Members - As is the situation with Staff our members are what make the forum and purposely annoying, being rude to or offending is depreciated. If you feel they have posted something which is wrong, use the report button, and our staff will come to a conclusion on whether we want this sort of content on the forum.

No Text Speak/Bad English - We advise the speaking in proper English so all our members can identify what has been said easily.

Signature Allowance - Signature sizing is as follows:
Signature - 500x500 Avatar - 150x150
No animated images are to be used in signatures, written signatures may contain 8 lines of small writing. No advertising is to be in signatures.

Drugs - The speak of drugs on our website is allowed however the purchasing/selling of them is not allowed. Failure to follow this simple rule may result in a ban.

No Pornography - No pornographic material are to be on our forums, as said before this is a forum for people of all ages, genders etc and we must make it a place suitable for all.

Spamming - Please do not spam. This means posting meaninglessly, off-topic posts and/or the flooding of a thread with irrelevant content. Users on the website come to converse sensibly and spamming affects these from happening which is why we disapprove so much. Also making duplicate threads does count as spamming so searching for a thread similar to the one you are planning to make is advised.

Duplicate accounts - Creating a second account to get around temporary ban is condemned and will result in both accounts being permanently banned.
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