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No Corporate Advertising - "No Corporate Advertising" policy on the site, and anyone corporate advertising will have their post deleted, and giving a warning. If this is broken again by the same user they will face a weeks ban. No Discrimination - Discrimination of any sort is prohibited on the site. This includes Racism, Sectarianism, Sexism, and more. Ban will be used on user immediately. NSFW Tags - Must be used when posting something which may contain nudity of some sort (full frontal nudity is not allowed), or contain material which may shock or offend. Failure to do so will result in post being locked and admin will add tags then a warning giving from not learning rules. It is parent's responsibility to monitor their child's internet usage, this is a football forum and a certain level of foul language is to be expected. Flaming and Spam - These will be at mild tolerance, sarcasm is acceptable but members caught treating each other will be banned. This is a adult Celtic Forum not a playground. No Text Speak/Bad English - When posting on the site, use proper English that members can clearly understand, unless posting in a designated part of the forum for other languages. Signature Allowance - Signature sizing is as follows 500x200 - ONE SIG or Two lines of text[meduim-large size] and with or without a small image 100x100 max. Avatars - 200x200 anyone member caught breaching the signature and avatar allowance they will receive a warning and if not listened to the warning they will face a weeks ban. Drugs - The discussion of drugs is allowed on the site, however no talk of purchasing/selling is allowed. No Pornography - Do not post pornographic material anywhere on the forum. Anyone doing so will have their post removed and could face a possible ban. Duplicate accounts - Creating two accounts under the same IP is not tolerated especially on a ban. If you would like another person in your household or connection usage to sing up on another account please contact an Admin. IF ANY MEMBER CONTINUES TO ABUSE MEMBERS AND STAFF AFTER GIVING BANS WILL RESULT IN A PERMANENT BAN.